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City of Cape Coral Florida - Emergency Structural Inspection Assessments

The City of Cape Coral experienced Category 3 wind speeds in excess of 130 mph as the eye of Hurricane Irma passed only 10 miles east of the City.  Within a few short days following Irma, Blot Engineering (BEI) was engaged by the City to begin Emergency Structural Inspection Assessments of critical City structures.  BEI conducted site visits, reviewed existing drawings of facilities as required during damage assessments, provided damage reports, and provided recommendations for structural repairs including structural engineering design as requested by the City of Cape Coral.  Close coordination was maintained with the City with a primary goal to reopen structures to the public only after they have been cleared as structurally safe. City structures inspected included: Yacht Club Pier, Chiquita Lock, Rosen Park, D&D Marina Bldg., Burnt Store Boat Ramp Docks, Four Mile Cove Board Walk, Horton Park Dock, and Boat House Restaurant.

Project type: 

Structural Inspections

City of Cape Coral


Structural Inspections

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