San Carlos Marina Seawall & Dock Replacement

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Seawalls and Docks
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New Seawall & Dock Replacement project with up-to-date ADA access ramp and floating docks in South Western Florida.The San Carlos RV Resort & Marina is in sunny Southwest Florida just minutes from the famous downtown Fort Myers Beach Pier.  Blot Engineering (BEI) worked closely with the Owners over a 3-year period to help engineer a transformation of the Resort to provide luxury RV and boat accommodations.  The original Resort had meandering rip rap seawalls that created inefficient use of the marina canals.  BEI engineered a flat vinyl-face seawall system that was able to square-up the marina canals providing for safer boating navigation in addition to maximizing the RV pad sites along the seawalls.  Another challenge of the original Resort was the fixed wood boat docks that were extremely cumbersome to guests due to tidal fluctuations.  BEI engineered a floating dock system for all 3 marinas around the Resort that maintains a uniform dock height for boats to tie-off throughout varying tides.  In addition, the new dock system allows for mooring of boats nearly twice the size as the original docks – further accommodating the guests of this high-end luxury RV Resort and Marina.
Fort Myers Beach
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San Carlos Marina Seawall & Dock Replacement
Blot Engineering, Inc. (BEI) performed the design for approximately 800 linear feet of sea wall and 78 slips of floating docks for the marina. The engineered replacement of the existing rip rap sea wall included new vinyl sheet piling walls with aluminum walers anchored to concrete dead men. The new dock system incorporated floating docks for ease of mooring, including a floating ramp designed for ADA access.